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تنزيل My Pet World - Pet Owner App 1660024349000 لـ اندرويد

My Pet World - Pet Owner App
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تنزيل My Pet World - Pet Owner App 1660024349000 لـ اندرويد تنزيل My Pet World - Pet Owner App 1660024349000 لـ اندرويد تنزيل My Pet World - Pet Owner App 1660024349000 لـ اندرويد تنزيل My Pet World - Pet Owner App 1660024349000 لـ اندرويد تنزيل My Pet World - Pet Owner App 1660024349000 لـ اندرويد

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My Pet World app is dedicated to all aspects of pet owners including shopping for pet products & accessories, booking pet services, engaging with the pet owner community & managing pet records easily in an app. We believe that My Pet World app is one of kind first apps available in the Middle East region fulfilling the major requirements of a pet owner. Our vision impacts all that we improve the situation of pet owners, the way we bolster pet’s lives, and how we offer back to the pet community. We sell an assortment of pet food, treats, and accessories for dogs, cats, small pets, fish & horses. We also serve supplements, grooming care items, apparel, and miscellaneous pet-related items (beds, poop bags, etc.). Our smarter way to shop is designed to take the hustle out of the pet products shopping experience. You can prefer pet type, its wide range of products, our personalized recommendations, etc. Now click on the shop icon, offering you a huge range of pet products from pet food, supplements, accessories, medicine and so much more needed for your lovable pets. See detailed pet products list, choose products, select specs, add to cart, verify the details, and checkout. You can search by pet category, brands, etc. Have you ever forgotten to refill items for your pet? We know how life gets busy, so introducing a subscription model for easy delivery of items regularly at your doorstep. Do you want to sell or share your pet items with anyone? Click on ‘You’ and create a new post with contact details to reach out to you. Choose filter on shop menu, ‘used’ to list other’s used items. The checkout experience is seamless, & your location can be saved in your profile & get the pet products delivered conveniently. Imagine all pet lovers in one single app, giving you access to socializing? Scheduling the meetups & competitions, getting advice from the community, manage pet data including documents are some of a few features included in the app. Despite your busy schedule, you don’t compromise the well-being of your loved ones. Have you ever thought about managing your pet’s data through a mobile app? Track growth by adding regular checkups & see recommendations. Update the vaccination routine & get reminders for better planning of your schedule. We assist in finding your gem if lost, ready to set a party once found. Now is the time you save pet documents digitally. Let’s get it saved on the app & access it easily when needed. We know how hard to find a good vet clinic nearby. We have a list of vet clinics near to your place & further support. When you have achievements to publish with your connections, have them formatted in a nice way & share them through the app. In the past days, pet owners like you would have dreamed of such a dashboard collating all your pets on a screen & name them with favorites. We have created a dashboard for pets that allows easy & smooth navigation throughout the information. The platform identifies your best needs & gives you a personalized experience enhancing the user performance. Switch languages to English & Arabic of your choice & never limit yourself to explore the new world of digital. We have a dedicated support team to serve your experience better. Whether inquiring about us for the first time or submitting a ticket, you will be connected to our well-experienced team & exceed your expectations. As a team of pet owners ourselves, we understand the relationship that pet owners have with their beloved pets is so precious and we will only provide the best possible service to benefit your pet. Are you ready to change how to take care of your pet? We fully understand you & your pet's needs. Download a new revolutionized pet owner personalized app now from the google play store. Available downloadable link on www.mypetworld.app website too.

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My Pet World - Pet Owner App
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